The prince was named as “Siddhartha” (Siddhattha) following the fifth day after his birth.
As per the ancient customs, many scholarly priests were invited to the royal residence for the naming ceremony. Eight recognized capable of making predictions were among them. Looking at the characteristic marks of the young prince, seven of them each raised two fingers signifying two potential outcomes. They predicted that he would either become a great King if he remains in the household or a Buddha if he resigns. However, the youngest and the wisest of them all Kondanna, raised just a single finger and convincingly announced that the prince would resign from the world and attain Buddhahood.
This Kondanna would later go on to try to join him in his struggle to enlightenment and eventually rejoin as a member of the Sangha.
The wise men then gave baptized him Siddhartha meaning “wish-fulfilled” or “he who fulfills his aim” .